Our 6-step cleaning process

family on carpet

Step 1 – Walkthrough: First, Sacramento Carpet Cleaning will walk through the areas to be cleaned, identify any problem areas such as heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or damaged carpet in need of repair. If necessary, we’ll consult with you about what can be done to address every and all issues. Love’s is a local Sacramento carpet cleaner with over 20 years of on the job real life experience. That experience will help examine and determine problem areas and the solutions needed.

Step 2 – Move Furniture: We will move the light moveable furniture before beginning the cleaning process. Please note, that  our company always  follows industry safety standards when furniture moving is provided. All furniture is moved with the exception of heavy, breakable items including china cabinets, pianos, bookcases full of books, beds, large dining tables, dressers or any electronic equipment including TV’s, VCR’s, stereos or computers.

Step 3 – Vacuum: Using our company commercial grade vacuums we will deep vacuum and pile lift exposed carpets, to remove the loose soiling that may have occurred between cleanings.

Step 4 – Prep: Using our “Green Certified” PreSpotter, we pretreat all surface spots and stains before we begin cleaning to ensure the best chance of removing tougher stains and high traffic soiling. If the technician finds anything that requires a more extensive method of removal, they will let you know and discuss with you the process needed. A good example would be if there were a large ink stain, wine stain, or pet stain that might require more extensive corrective processes.

Step 5 – Cleaning: Micro Sponges are rotated through the carpet with special equipment using soft counter rotating brushes. The Strong Dry Compound Cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans. The Sponges are then extracted with our special Dry Extraction carpet cleaning equipment.

Step 6 – Final Grooming: At our company, we use a professional carpet grooming machine for raising the carpet pile and bringing back the fresh fluff, just like new look. Carpet grooming will extend the life of your carpet. It is a “must” process for proper carpet maintenance.