5 Tips for Cleaning a Basement Carpet after Flooding

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Floods can cause serious water damage, particularly in basements. If your basement carpet has gotten wet after flooding, you need to start proper cleaning at the soonest time possible to avoid permanent carpeting damage.

Follow these tips to clean your basement carpet after a flood.

1. Turn off Electricity

This is something you should never mess with as it can put your life at stake. Switching off your main switch is just good enough if your basement is correctly wired. Instead, it is best that you call in the help of a professional electrician for your basement to be electrically safe.

2. Switch Off Water Supply

If your basement develops a leak all of a sudden, it is possible that there is also a leak in an appliance you got down there. Turn the water off at its entry point. Avoid going down, though, since it might still be unsafe to do so.

3. Check the Area

Once you have turned off your electrical and water supply, this is the only time for you to finally inspect your basement and with any luck, you might find the main source of your problem. Make sure you check the walls and ceiling for noticeable signs of running water. Inspect all plumbed-in appliances carefully. Examine your carpet for any water intrusion from below. The wettest and darkest spot is most possibly where the problem lies.

4. Save Your Carpet

If your carpet is completely ruined or if you got it for a cheap price, it is best not to waste your time trying to salvage it. Apply for an insurance claim then get a new carpet fitted. Carpets that are not dried and cleaned properly are the perfect candidates for mold. But, if your carpet is worth saving and you have high insurance excess, there are a couple of alternative solutions.

If your carpet can still be recovered but it has become extremely water-sodden or if you have to lift it to solve an underground leak, you can clear your basement then use a commercial wet-vac for mopping up any excess water. Remove your carpet and put it in a place where the sun can dry it out. You can also contact professional carpet cleaners for help.

After this, look for a carpet fitter who can relay it for you. However, avoid wasting time trying to save its underlay. This is cheap and it will tear and stretch while you lift it.

For localized water spill that doesn’t well up from below, you just have to mop it using a commercial wet-vac and turn on some large fans and a powerful dehumidifier. Never rush things. Shampoo it until it is clean once it is finally dry.

5. Move Fast

Ignoring your damp basement carpet is the perfect recipe for mold to grow and spread in this part of your home. Soon, this mold can migrate upstairs and end up affecting you and your family’s bronchial health. In case you don’t think that you can follow the recommended steps above, your next best option is to call in the help of experts who can solve the issue immediately. 

Basement flooding could be an indication of structural problems with your foundation. In that instance, assistance from a basement foundation repair contractor in Akron is necessary.